Could Ochocinco start off with a bang?

He's tried his hand at Major League Soccer and the Professional Bull Riders circuit. He's co-hosted a TV show. His short-burst musings are snapped up by nearly 2.4 million eager followers.

So what's next for Chad Ochocinco, modern-day Renaissance man, now that he's traded in his Bengals stripes for the Patriots' Flying Elvis?

Maybe it'll be something he's talked about doing before -- firing off a musket after scoring a touchdown at Gillette.

That promise came before Cincinnati's visit to Foxboro in Week 1 last season, and as you might imagine it wasn't warmly received by the men and women who make up the End Zone Militia.

Geoff Campbell is a professional reenactor who serves as captain of the militia. Asked if his position had changed since the news broke that Ochocinco will be joining the home team, Campbell said he'd be happy to teach the wideout about the time period -- including its firearms -- but that the unique touchdown celebration is probably best left to professionals.

"I DO think that the Patriots organization MIGHT have something to say about his using a musket during a game," Campbell wrote in an e-mail. "There is a risk factor involved that I'm sure they wouldn't want him to expose himself to!

"Leave it to us for now … if in the off-season he wants to learn, we'll be there!!"

As a fan of the team, Campbell was enthused by the trades. He called the Albert Haynesworth acquisition a "NO LOSE for the team" and said the move for the playful, 33-year-old wide receiver was a "TOTAL STEAL!"
What's more, Campbell had an idea that might just work as a compromise if Ochocinco is still interested in taking part in the musket volleys after scores.

"Maybe he can just give the command to fire??" Campbell wrote. "That would work!"

Jack McCluskey is an editor for ESPN.com and a frequent contributor to ESPNBoston.com.