Orange Bowl - Midway Through 2nd Qtr (TweetCast)

Florida St 7, Northern Illinois 3 with 6:04 in 2nd Qtr

ESPN College Football (@ESPNCFB) - Here's a screen grab of that Martel Moore catch/spot which was short of a 1st down for #NIU. #OrangeBowl Photo Here

Chris Connelly (@ChrisConnelly) - Wait'll the couples on Maury hear about the difference between "stands" and "is confirmed." #NIUvsFSU #OrangeBowl

David Pollack (@davidpollack47) - Still amazed that EJ Manuel with all of his physical gifts hasn't turned into a better player. Puzzling

Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) - FSU coach Jimbo Fisher will get a $50K bonus for a top 10 finish, $100K for top 5.

ESPN ACC (@ESPN_ACC) - NIU has to be growing more confident on the sideline. #NIUvsFSU

ESPN ACC (@ESPN_ACC) - FSU outgaining NIU 240-86 in total yards, only leading 7-3. #NIUvsFSU