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Vick returns for redshirt junior year
By Will Weiss

BLACKSBURG, Va. -- Virginia Tech quarterback Michael Vick told WQXI radio in Atlanta on Wednesday that he will return for his redshirt junior year next season.

Michael Vick
Virginia Tech superstar Michael Vick will return in 2001.
When asked to clarify his statement and whether he might change his mind after this season, Vick said: "I'm coming back to school next year. That's what I'm saying."

Earlier in the day at a Virginia Tech news conference, Vick skirted the issue and in the past had repeatedly declined to comment on questions about whether he would come back. But later on the sports-talk radio show, he made his intentions known.

At the news conference, as reported by the Roanoke (Va.) Times, Vick said, "The issue of coming out early is something I won't entertain right now. I'm definitely not thinking or considering to come out this season."

The first question fired at Vick at the news conference concerned a report in the Boston Globe last Saturday that said he would be forced to go the NFL route early because of poor grades at Tech.

"I don't know where that came from," said Vick, referring to a column written by the Globe's Will McDonough. "My grades are fine right now. But it's definitely not true."

Perhaps inadvertently, Vick dropped another hint about where his future college plans stand.

When asked to comment on the play of junior flanker Andre Davis, who said Tuesday he might consider leaving Tech a year early for the NFL, Vick told the Times: "(Davis) is just one of the greatest receivers and whatever his decision about next year, it will definitely hurt me if he's not here next season."

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 Michael Vick says, "I'm coming back to school next year." (Courtesy: WQXI radio)
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