MNF Fan Letters

Al Michaels is THE MAN when it comes to play-by-play, and Dan Fouts has added good insight from an ex-player's perspective. And Dennis adds excellent bits of humor and sarcasm just when it is needed.

The NFL is full of itself, and Dennis calls it like it is. Now, if MNF would only give him time for a "rant" on current issues in the NFL during halftime, I'd be in heaven.
-- D. Joseph Pitts, Boston, Mass.

Al Michael's play by play is amazing! Dan Fouts offers great insight ... love him! Keep up the good work!
-- Linda Hunter, Long Beach, Calif.

I just wanted to express my gratitude to ABC for having Dennis Miller broadcast Monday Night Football. He's funny, wickedly smart and brings a refreshing element to offset Al and Dan's analytical coverage. I hope you keep him for next season, as he is the main reason I tune in Monday after Monday.
-- Mathew Molina, Dallas, Texas

Just a quick note for Melissa Stark. You're doing great! I'm a woman who has worked in law enforcement for the last five years and I know working in a male industry can be rough. My first "word" I learned to spell was 'Dallas Cowboys' as a five year old. I've always loved football. My husband asks me questions instead of vice versa. I don't see why all women don't love football. With men like Brett Favre and Eddie George (and you know I could go on!) to look at, what's not to like!
-- Michele Cotton, Norman, Okla.

As I watched the game on MNF I authored this poem: "The Warrior"

As the gloom of darkness covers our fears, we meet for a solemn battle of agony and tears.
Torches of light illuminate this field of mire, meadows of madness will bring forth the dire.
Each side clad in their colors of glory, with emblems of pride that express their own story.
With great helmets that show no expression, suits of armor that offer suppression.
Great knights of honor will join in a game which forever will become part of their fame.
With the clap of thunder the battle is joined, we huddle together with pride in our groin.
Projectiles pass with deadly accuracy up above and the masses gather to express fanatical love.
The warrior enters with his weapon of gore in hand, he wields it with power and yelling for more.
No one can interrupt his passion for battle no one can remove this Knight from his saddle.
The anguish of the fallen brings forth a great pale, the Warrior calls to his wench bring me an ale.
But sadly the battle will be lost to history or only one side will be able to shout ' victory'.
The saddened Warrior wields his weapon no more with great disgust its cast to the floor.
For it's Monday Night Football on ABC and the home team lost twenty to three.
One hour has passed and the Warrior reappears, yelling where's my remote and I need more beers.

-- D.G. Mastros
Fort Pierce Florida
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