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Q&A with Sarah Fisher
By Sarah Fisher
Special to ABC Sports Online

Sarah Fisher won't have to worry about sponsorship problems this week, as she will race in Sunday's Purex Dial Indy 200 (ABC, 3:30 p.m. ET). While preparing for the race, Sarah took time to answer your questions.

Feel free to email Sarah your questions.

With your new sponsor WeGotGear, will you be able to run the full season this year?
Scott Fisher, Atlanta, Ga.

WeGotGear has stepped up for the first two races, and we will have an association with their parent company, but they won't be everything we need to complete the rest of the season.

How much does a half turn applied or taken away actually affect the front wing?
Mitchell Ramirez, New Iberia, La.

The front wing is greatly affected by ½ turn. However, it is not enough to completely change the balance of the car. We don't use the front wing to arrive at the baseline balance; it's more for fine-tuning with weather changes.

While on the track which other driver has helped you the most in races? I have seen Sam give you some push last year. Or is it just the spotters putting you in good situations?
Rey Romero, Defiance Ohio

The first time Sam and I really "worked" together was this first race at Homestead. It is great that he will help, but we are both there to win in the end.

How did you find a ride in USAC that ended up bringing you to the IRL?
Alan, Saxonburg, Pa.

My father and I were the car owners in USAC. Midgets and sprint cars were more or less a hobby that happened to give me enough exposure to receive the first phone call from an Indy Car team.

Compare and contrast the skill and degree of difficulty in driving a sprint car at Eldora Speedway with an IndyCar at Kentucky Speedway.
Rob, West Chester, Ohio

They both require a lot of smoothness. They both are wide open. However, the feel of a sprint car is through your body and an IndyCar is through your hands. I definitely miss Eldora and if I had the right opportunity, I would love to go back!

How hard is it to keep your personal life and racing life separate?
Jason Powell, Athens Ohio

Not hard at all really. There are always questions about what I do off-track, but I have done a pretty good job keeping that as something I can privately enjoy.

I see people like Tony Stewart and Kenny Schrader still running the dirt tracks. Do you ever miss running your sprint car? Did you ever race at Belleville, Kan.?
Greg Houdek, Kansas City, Kan.

See my answer above about Eldora -- the same applies.

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