Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones

Marital Status: Married Resides In: Sandy, UT
Participant since: 1989 Age: 38
Competitor since: 1996 Height: 5'11"
Nickname(s): Weight: 175 lbs
Country: USA
Melissa Larsen,

Marie-France Roy turns to Kickstarter to crowd-fund the completion of her environmental snowboard documentary. Here's why you should care.

Story | May 10, 2014
Megan Michelson,

In this trilogy-ending snowboarding epic, Jeremy Jones goes deep into the most remote regions in search of the world's highest peaks

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Ski and snowboard athletes and resort executives gather in San Francisco for a conversation about climate change

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Checking in with Burton's Bryan Knox on the release of the first of four mini movies about snowboarding coming out for free this fall online

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Checking in with Marie-France Roy on the halfway mark of her two-year movie project, "The Little Things"

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Behind the Kevin Pearce documentary, "The Crash Reel," with director Lucy Walker. The movie premieres July 15 on HBO.

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Colin Bane,

Jeremy Jones reflects on his most recent trip to the White House where he was honored as a "Champion of Change"

Story | June 23, 2013
Jesse Huffman,

Berkshire East becomes the first ski resort to generate 100 percent of its own power.

Story | May 19, 2013