Elliot Sloan

Elliot Sloan

Marital Status: Single Resides In: New York City, NY
Participant since: 1999 Age: 26
Competitor since: 2006 Height: 6'0"
Nickname(s): Weight: 180 lbs
Country: USA
Devon O'Neil, XGames.com

New York City isn't the most obvious playground for a skateboard Big Air gold medalist, but Elliot Sloan isn't your typical MegaRamp skater, either.

Story | June 04, 2014
Devon O'Neil, XGames.com

Dozens of first-ever tricks have been unveiled at X Games events, but none made as many waves as Tony Hawk's 900 did in 1999 -- just ask the rest of the 900 club members.

Story | March 17, 2014

Justin Brayton and Vicki Golden wins thrilling Moto X Racing finals, Tanner Foust captures the first Gymkhana GRID, Chad Kerley unseats Garrett Reynolds in BMX Street, and Nyjah Huston and Bucky Lasek win Skate gold on Day 3 at X Games L.A.

Story | August 03, 2013

Morgan Wade gets hist first gold in BMX Big Air while Nate Adams and Ronnie Renner score in Moto X on Day 2 of X Games L.A.

Story | August 02, 2013

Taka Higashino three-peated in Moto X Freestyle and Eliot Sloan and Leticia Bufoni took skateboard gold on Day 1 of X Games Los Angeles

Story | August 01, 2013
Wright Thompson, XGames.com

Wright Thompson gets to know the skateboarders of X Games Big Air -- from inside the MegaRamp elevator

Story | June 30, 2013

Bob Burnquist held off a talented field to win Skateboard Big Air at X Games Munich.

Story | June 30, 2013
Keith Hamm, XGames.com

Bob Burnquist wins his 25th X Games medal with a gold in Skateboard Big Air at X Games Munich

Story | June 30, 2013
Colin Bane, XGames.com

Bob Burnquist ties all-time X Games medal record with Skateboard Big Air win

Story | May 17, 2013