Sean Malto

Sean Malto

Pro Skater
Marital Status: Single Resides In: Kansas City, KS
Participant since: 1999 Age: 24
Competitor since: 2008 Height: 5'8"
Nickname(s): Weight: 140 lbs
Country: USA
Robin Fleming,

The city of Guangzhou, China, is building the world's largest skatepark at 182,000 square feet, twice the size of the Lake Cunningham park in San Jose, Calif.

Story | October 26, 2013
Reggie Altema,

Winning the Street League Super Crown Championship, Chris Cole received a $200,000 check and a one-of-a-kind watch from Nixon

Story | August 26, 2013
Chris Nieratko,

XG Munich Street League gold medalist Chris Cole edges out Nyjah Huston and Luan Oliveira for a home-coast win at the 2013 SL Super Crown World Championship

Story | August 25, 2013
Chris Nieratko,

Street League's Super Crown Finals payday motivated all skaters to put in a long day's worth of practice Saturday in Newark, N.J.

Story | August 24, 2013
Colin Bane,

Chris Cole wins Street League Skateboarding at X Games Munich 2013

Story | June 30, 2013
Colin Bane,

Paul Rodriguez and Luan Oliveira are top qualifiers heading into Street League Skateboarding finals

Story | June 28, 2013
Andrew Cannon,

Pro skateboarder Sean Malto failed to podium during the SLS contest in his hometown of Kansas City, Mo. How will that affect him in Munich?

Story | June 22, 2013