Travis Pastrana

Travis Pastrana

Marital Status: Married Resides In: Annapolis, MD
Participant since: 1987 Age: 30
Competitor since: 1998 Height: 6'2"
Nickname(s): Weight: 190 lbs
Country: USA

What is SEMA?

We've asked everyone in Las Vegas, but no one seems to know.

Video | Oct 30, 2012

Pastrana crashes in RallyCross

Travis Pastrana was rear-ended in Heat 4 in RallyCross at X Games L.A. 2012.

Video | Jul 01, 2012

Pastrana's frustrating X Games

Travis Pastrana talks about his crash in RallyCross at X Games L.A. 2012.

Video | Jul 01, 2012

'This Is SportsCenter' With Travis Pastrana

Action sports star Travis Pastrana impresses "SportsCenter" anchors Jay Harris and John Buccigross with his fearless attitude.

Video | Apr 24, 2012

Travis Pastrana

Travis Pastrana competes at the 2011 Buck Hunter World Championships.

Video | Oct 18, 2011

Brian Deegan RallyCross Gold

Brian Deegan bested Tanner Foust for his first gold while Travis Pastrana narrowly missed the podium with a crash.

Video | Jul 31, 2011

The Pastranathon Returns?

Travis Pastrana may still compete in RallyCross with the aid of a modified car

Video | Jul 30, 2011

Travis Pastrana Attempts Rally

After breaking multiple bones in his lower half on Thursday, Pastrana won't quit. Here he sets up his car with hand controls to take part in RallyCross practice

Video | Jul 30, 2011

Pros react to the end of Pastranathon

The rest of X Games reacts to the end of the Pastranathon

Video | Jul 29, 2011

The Pastranathon Ends With a Bang

Travis Pastrana slammed on his second attempt at a rodeo 720, ending his busy week when it had just barely started.

Video | Jul 29, 2011

Travis Pastrana Hurt in Best Trick

Going for his 720, Travis Pastrana lande hard twice and left on a stretcher.

Video | Jul 28, 2011

The Pastranathon

Travis Pastrana has a busy week ahead of him.

Video | Jul 26, 2011

A Look Back at Best Trick

16 years of 360s, backflips, double backflips and more.

Video | Jul 11, 2011

Nitro Circus Live Las Vegas

Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus crew went big a the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Video | Jun 06, 2011

Nitro Circus Live New Zealand

Travis Pastrana and his Nitro Circus crew hit Auckland New Zealand.

Video | Feb 08, 2011

Travis Pastrana's NASCAR announcement

ESPN FMX gets a behind the scenes look at Travis Pastrana's NASCAR debut announcement at STAPLES Center.

Video | Jan 28, 2011

Can Pastrana Go Left?

Travis Pastrana's motocross buddies give their opinion on whether or not he'll adapt to NASCAR.

Video | Dec 23, 2010

Big Air Bash

The Kicker Big Air Bash goes off in Las Vegas.

Video | Nov 05, 2010