Shaun White

Shaun White

Pro Snowboarder / Pro Skateboarder
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Marital Status: Single Resides In: Carlsbad, CA
Participant since: N/A Age: 27
Competitor since: N/A Height: 5'9"
Nickname(s): Animal Weight: 150 lbs
Country: USA Site:

Surfing with Shaun White

Shaun White talks about his connection to surfing and shows us some moves.

Video | Nov 26, 2012

Highlight Of The Night

Sal Masekela and Shaun White look back at the action from day 4 of the Winter X Games.

Video | Jan 29, 2012

Shaun White's Perfect 100

Shaun White throws down the first perfect score in the SuperPipe.

Video | Jan 29, 2012

Shaun White's First Run in SuperPipe

Shaun dropped in for run 1 and immediately took the lead with a 94.

Video | Jan 29, 2012

Shaun White Qualifies First in Snowboard SuperPipe

Shaun White proved that his ankle wasn't going to hold him back in the SuperPipe.

Video | Jan 29, 2012

Shaun White Returns to SuperPipe

Shaun White returned to the SuperPipe and promptly threw down a front side double cork 12 just to show he means business.

Video | Jan 29, 2012

Shaun White Limps Out Of Slopestyle Practice

Shaun White dropped out of Slopestyle elims because of ankle issues during practice.

Video | Jan 27, 2012

Sport Science - Boost

ESPN SportScience breaks down the science of Shaun White's legendary height on the super pipe.

Video | Jan 25, 2012

Shaun White vs. PLG Extended

Every run, every trick of the epic Skateboard Vert battle between Shaun White and PLG

Video | Jul 31, 2011

Skateboard Vert Recap

Shaun White and PLG had an all-out duel for gold

Video | Jul 30, 2011

2011: Shaun White and PLG Battle in Vert

The drama unfolds as Shaun White lays down a 93 and PLG attempts to match him.

Video | Jul 30, 2011

Shaun White Reacts to Vert Gold

Shaun is speechless after his first gold in Vert since 2007

Video | Jul 30, 2011

Shaun White Skateboard Vert Gold

Shaun won in dramatic fashion knocking PLG out with his "armadillo"

Video | Jul 30, 2011

Face Time: Shaun White

We caught up with the bi-seasonal star to talk about X Games Vert.

Video | Jul 15, 2011

Shaun White Four-Peats in SuperPipe

Shaun layed down a monster second run for an unprecedented Four-Peat in SuperPipe

Video | Jan 30, 2011

Shaun White after Winning SuperPipe

Shaun's reaction to the first ever Four-Peat in SuperPipe

Video | Jan 30, 2011

Shaun White: Human After All

While he still is in prime SuperPipe form, Shaun White discovered how much the Slopestyle field has progressed.

Video | Jan 30, 2011

Air and Style Beijing

Shaun White brought himself and some stadium snowboarding all the way over to China.

Video | Dec 21, 2010

Shaun White Snowboarder Preview

Check out the newest version of Shaun White's game for the Wii

Video | Aug 31, 2009

Shaun White unveils double cork for NZ Open win

Shaun threw down multiple double corks to edge out Luke Mitrani.

Video | Aug 17, 2009