Chad Kagy

Chad Kagy

Marital Status: Single Resides In: Gilroy, CA
Participant since: 1988 Age: 35
Competitor since: 1997 Height: 5'8"
Nickname(s): Weight: 160 lbs
Country: USA

Bikes Over Baghdad Day 5

Riders and crew wrap up the final day of the Bikes Over Baghdad tour of U.S. bases in the Middle East.

Video | Nov 15, 2012

Bikes Over Baghdad Day 2

Bikes Over Baghdad riders relate with wounded warriors and get chased by dogs.

Video | Nov 11, 2012

Bikes Over Baghdad Day 1

A group of pro BMX riders return to the Middle East for their seventh tour to entertain our troops.

Video | Nov 11, 2012

Rare Air: Chad Kagy

Chad Kagay recounts his first air, starting a long career of medals around his neck and metal in his body

Video | Sep 02, 2011

Chad Kagy's POV of Injury

A first-person perspective of Chad Kagy's fall on the Big Air ramp

Video | Aug 11, 2011

A GoPro Tour of Big Air

Chad Kagy straps on the camera and takes you down the Big Air ramp

Video | Jul 29, 2011

Chad Kagy BMX Big Air Bronze

Chad Kagy may have left on a stretcher, but not before he could put down the third best run of the night.

Video | Jul 28, 2011

Chad Kagy's Big Air Slam

After posting a podium-worthy score in BMX Big Air, Chad Kagy slammed hard.

Video | Jul 28, 2011

X Games Asia Chad Kagy BMX MiniMega Bronze

Despite a hand injury, X Games Big Air vet Chad Kagy managed a Bronze Medal in a heated Asian X competition.

Video | May 02, 2011