Greenville's new class

In 1994, Dave Mirra moved from Chittenango, N.Y., to Greenville, N.C. Prompted by the arrival of an outdoor skate park and the promise of warmer weather, Mirra made Greenville his home, and with the addition of a tight-knit group of locals, the scene began to grow. A few years later, professional BMXers from across the country began migrating to Greenville, and the BMX world took notice. Greenville was dubbed "Pro Town USA," and the small North Carolina town began racking up pro BMX residents by the dozen. To date, Greenville has been home to 34 pros, and the wave of transplants continues to flow. Sixteen years after Mirra's arrival, the latest wave of residents is making moves on the BMX scene. Introducing, Greenville's new class ... (Photos by: Tyler Northrup)