In 2003, Ruben left his spot on the MacNeil pro team (along with a signature frame, fork, stem and bars) to ride for Terrible One. "I'll never forget the good times we had and the incredible sessions," said MacNeil's Jay Miron. At the time, Alcantara was riding and traveling extensively with Joe Rich and the Terrible One team, and the switch made sense. Ruben additionally quit his parts sponsor at the time (Tip Plus) to ride for Spain's Fly Bikes. In the coming years, Ruben would go on to design a signature frame and bars for Terrible One, along with signature grips, tires, pedals for Fly Bikes. Around the same time as the switch from MacNeil to T-1, Ruben also embarked on T-1's World Tour, stopping off in South Africa to blast a huge hip, and air over a rail. (Photo by: Sandy Carson)