Pat Casey wins 2011 Toronto BMX Jam

The scene at the 2011 Toronto BMX Jam. Tunney

16-year-old Pat Casey, from Placentia, Calif., took the win in pro park at the 2011 Toronto BMX Jam at the Better Living Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Placing second behind Casey was hometown favorite Drew Bezanson, followed by Mirraco Bikes pro Chris Hughes in third. Casey's runs included huge bangers that concluded with a sightly corked triple tailwhip 360 attempt. Casey returned to the deck of the Toronto BMX Jam ramps after not landing the final trick, and the crowd rallied behind the Volume/Demolition-sponsored rider. Casey casually dropped back in, circled the course, and landed the trick perfectly.

The win marks Casey's first major pro win since turning pro in 2010.

In second place, the 2010 Toronto BMX Jam winner Drew Bezanson went higher than every other rider in attendance, nailing huge flairs, tailwhip backflips and perfecting every impossible course transfer in the building. During the finals, Bezanson lost valuable time because his handlebars moved forward. He attempted to bang his handlebars back into place from the top of the ramp, and after managing to move his bars back into place, he threw one of the highest flairs of the weekend. It was textbook Bezanson, and his hometown crowd showed their raucous support.

In third place was Mirraco rider Chris Hughes. Hughes landed what he called "one of the smoothest 900s he's ever done," as well as huge backflips, body varial attempts and even a double backflip attempt. During practice, Hughes even landed a perfect barspin to hang 5 across the course driveway.

Rounding out the top five was DK's Mykel Larrin, and Canadian local Steve Moxley in fifth. Also of note was the return of legendary Ontario local John Heaton to the contest scene. Heaton was a regular on the comp circuit during the early '00s, and consistently did well at Backyard Jams, Metro Jams and the CFB series. As evidenced by this weekend, the 30-year-old Cardinal Bikes sponsored rider still has it. "Qualifying was so much fun, but I need to work on my table 3's a little," Heaton joked after his heat was done in the finals.

Taking up where the Toronto Metro Jam left off in the mid '00s, the Toronto BMX Jam is a weekend-long event, which attracts international riders and runs park events in amateur, girls and pro. Considered by many to a legacy event in the Canadian and international BMX scenes, the Toronto BMX Jam runs in conjunction with the Toronto International Bike Show, and also features flatland contests, retail zones and bike demos. Pro park results are below. For more info, log onto the Toronto BMX site.

Results: 2011 Toronto BMX Jam, Toronto, Canada