Chad Kerley's Private Property

Clicked tuck no-hander 180 over the spine at Chad's new ramp. Kosman

Imagine being 15 years old and having a bike company build a mini ramp in your backyard -- just because you shred. Chad Kerley was hooked up big-time and now has pros running amok in his backyard, not to mention his friends crashing all over the place. This is the story of how Chad ended up with a new ramp, and also what effects the ramp has had on the area's riding scene.

How big is your new mini ramp?
It's around 12-feet wide and around 50-feet long. The quarters are 6-foot and the spine is 5-foot.

Who built the ramp?
The construction workers from Clairemont Skatepark: Lazlo, Brad, Miguel and Lobes all helped build it.

Who helped pay for the ramp?
Premium BMX put down a good portion of cash.

What pros have shown up in your backyard since the news of the mini ramp has gotten out?
Dennis Enarson, Gary Young, Hoang Tran, Christian Rigal, Ryan Guettler, Colin Mackay, Bruno Hoffman, Ben Hennon and Allan Cooke.

What is the craziest thing done on the ramp so far?
I'm not sure, I think Dennis was trying fufanus on the guard rail to no-hander, and Bruno Hoffman was doing the biggest nose dipped 360 to fakies I've ever seen on the spine lip.

What is with all the dog poop on the far side of the ramp? Do you just let photographers walk back there and let them figure it out on their own?
Haha, it's usually never there because my parents keep me in check by having me clean it up, but the day you came to shoot, I forgot. You caught me slipping!

Me too. Who are the locals who ride with you?
Usually my friends Daniel and Vinnie. There are a few others who skate, but other than that not many people, unless it's the weekend and a bunch of friends come to have a sesh.

My mom is always catching my friend Daniel riding without a helmet; it's hilarious.

--Chad Kerley

Have your parents set any rules about the ramp, and if yes, what are they?
Not too much, just things like wear a helmet and to cover the ramp with tarps before it rains. My mom is always catching my friend Daniel riding without a helmet; it's hilarious.

That kid needs a helmet full-time. Who has had the worst crash on your ramp yet?
Probably my friend Daniel. He always overshoots the spine and takes his feet off, making him slide in between the seat and tire. Lance has some funny falls too.

When will you ride off the roof onto the ramp?
Sometime when my parents aren't home so they don't get mad. I'm not sure if I want to because I have no idea how stable that part of the roof is over the garage.

Do you go to Clairemont skatepark less now?
I definitely go less. I used to go almost everyday, but now I only go on weekends most of the time.

What is the best part about having a mini in your backyard?
It's there whenever I want to go ride and I'm able to have fun with my friends while we all progress together, pushing one another.

What is the worst part about having a mini in your backyard?
It sucks when it rains because eventually the ramp is going to get messed up. But the tarp prevents it as much as it can.

If you could have built it any different, what would you change?
I wouldn't. I would just have more stuff connected to it, like some hips and other transitions that help everything flow.

Are your parents psyched that they doesn't have to drive you to the skatepark anymore?
Yeah, especially my mom. They definitely don't have to spend as much gas money driving me there and back.