Bring Out The Hammersaw

The man, the myth, Miles Rogoish. This photo was simply labeled "Ratty hair" by the way. Justin Kosman

Fresh hesh, Dirty Dog, ET Phone Home, Witch Doctor. Welcome to Miles Rogoish. You'd think he lived in Southern California for as much as he is on his video grind, but he is rust belt born and bred. And after making the switch to Mongoose last year, Miles has been on even more of a relentless production tear, producing the weekly Tuesdays with Miles video series, picking up Osiris as a shoe sponsor and never forgetting to enjoy the good times along the way. Here's Miles.

What is the riding scene like in Tulsa and Oklahoma like in general?
Tulsa is the best scene around even without riding. The city is full of friendly people, the riding scene is super dope and under control with ratty hessians and good times. Not many ridaz come in and out of the scene, but Tulsa is the only place worth visiting if you come to Oklahoma. Tulsa is like a small LA with big city riding except that the downtown is deserted after 5pm. Security is usually never a hassle and the spots are endless. And I guess I need to say that the best thing about the Tulsa riding scene would be my boys: Vazquez, Big A, Drew York, Russell Wadlin, Malouf, Cobes. The names go on but the crew stays the same. True to word and true to riding.

Miles Rogoish

Age: 20
Home: Tulsa, OK
Sponsors: Mongoose, Osiris, BSD, Sun Ringle
Likes: Hummus, Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Geto Boys, Getting loose.
Words of Wisdom: "Nice da meechhe ucche."

An accomplished filmer and editor, Miles Rogoish is just as prolific in front of the camera as he is behind it. Need proof? Check out the Tuesdays with Miles series.

Top three default spots in Tulsa? Describe each.

Tulsa Court House: Because if anyone has had the chance to see that place, their jaw hits their top tube. It's nuts! Kachinsky told me once while filming there that it was one of his top five plazas in the world. Thanks Chinga.

15th St Wallride: Close to the crib downtown and under an 8-lane highway, making this a Tulsa hot spot. There's a secret to why this wallride is so good for whatever you want to try, but you gotta come down to find out. And you need to watch the top of your head. I've definitely roasted mine across the pigeons nest at least once. Ouch.

T-Town Park: Metal! Grab a bottle of whiskey, a pack of smokes, put the dog on the leash and don't slide out when the condensation changes. Also home of the best 7ft. quarter pike ever made.

Did riding with Kachinsky get you turned on to big rails, or were you getting down from the get-go?
I've always rode rails. I like to stay on my grind, ya dig? But Kachinsky and Tony T have both made me crave big rails. One day in St. Louis with Tony T, I was peeping down a biggie and was scared as s**t, Tony said "Do it!" He psyched me up for the biggest rail I had done at the time. I think I was 16. But every time I get the jitters I just think of Tony T saying "Do it, you got it." And any time Kachinsky and I are on a trip, you just gotta bring out the Hammersaw!

Every time I ride with Keanu Reeves, he shouts "Bogus Rogoish, don't be dead, dude." Then we hop in his telephone time portal and dip off to ride with the dinosaurs.

--Miles Rogoish

Best place to max on some grindage in downtown T-town?
Phat Philly's! Pure Philly cheese steak with a dope relaxed reggae environment.

If Keanu Reeves rode BMX, what would be his favorite spot to ride in Tulsa?
Every time I ride with Keanu Reeves, he shouts "Bogus Rogoish, don't be dead, dude." Then we hop in his telephone time portal and dip off to ride with the dinosaurs.

What is your favorite video set-up right now, and what are you looking to get soon?

I recently switched up to a Mark 1 lens and now I have exactly what I want! Vx2100, Century Mark 1 lens, Final Cut Pro, and I want another Vx2100, and I want to start buying old Vx1000's from eBay to try and get one repaired to film day clips with. I'm staying true to the VX till the day I can't move my biscuits.

Talk about the Tuesday's with Miles series a little bit. It's just made up of the rad stuff that finds you each week?
Yep! You shred and I see you riding a park, or if I come to stay at your house, I'll probably ask you to do an edit. If the rider is psyched, then I'm psyched.

How did you pull your groin in Cali?

Snorkeling. Drew York and I drove straight through to Carlsbad, CA from Tulsa, then went straight to snorkeling with no sleep and I guess my body was stiff from the 26-hour drive. On my first breast stroke, I pulled my groin sinking into the depths of the ocean. It hurt really bad, and it was hard as hell to get out of the seaweed and the water, but it's gotta be the funniest injury I've ever had.

Your European conquest was a long one this summer. What went down in that month?
Amsterdam definitely was the first thing to go down for me! Usually I try to stay busy and hardworking, but when you show up overseas for the first time and your bike gets lost in flight, you gotta get your mind right. Once I got my bike, I was already in Berlin for a week, and I had been filming with Brian Sadecki and Josh Betley for some Web stuff we were working on. I also hit the Worlds contest, traveled with a friend to Scotland and met all the dudes at BSD. Thanks to everyone who helped me out or passed me a ride.

What do you say the first time you meet a new person?
It's very nice Da Meech U che.

What riders influence you to do new/bigger stuff?
Burns, Kachinsky, Fake, Hoder, Morrow, Harrington, Lacey, the list goes on.

What do you think about blogging?
I don't blog. Hey, you got some tires on ya?

If you had a million bucks, how would you spend it after Uncle Sam takes away $300,000 of that?
I would buy a bank account from a bank, hahaha. Ridaz!