Product -- Ipath West Wing 2 shoes

Ipath's new West Wing 2 shoe, ridden by Alex Magallan. Cody York

Back in January, with the help of Brian Osborne, Ipath announced a new BMX team consisting of Van Homan, Seth Kimbrough, Shane Weston and Alex Magallan. Since then, Ipath has relaunched their website and put Mark Mullville, Kenny Horton and Albert Mercado on flow. Along with all the new developments, the brand sent over highlights from their new fall collection. Here's one of our favorites from the new line -- the West Wing 2's.

This fresh take on a skate mid is inspired by a classic wing tip style dress shoe. It offers an excellent feel for riding, along with some ankle protection too. It's made with Ipath's Sticky-icky rubber, features a dual-density skate insole and durable suede and organic canvas tied off with leather laces.

Alex Magallan wears them. You know if Alex wears them, they handle any riding you can dish out too. Ipath is very eco-friendly -- they use water-based glues, recycled boxes, soy inks, organic cotton, hemp and canvas materials to reduce waste and minimize their carbon footprint on the environment. So not only does the shop look and feel good, it's great for the environment.

The West Wing 2's are available at Ipath retailers. If they don't carry them, Ipath says you can always ask the retailer to order them for you. Or, you can go directly through the iPath website at www.ipath.com.