Southern California is known to be one of the best riding locations in the world -- and this is usually true -- except for the month of April, which has been non-stop bad weather. For two weeks, So Cal was hit by relentless rains, leaving conditions far too wet to ride FMX. But, this past Friday, the clouds cleared and the sun peeked through, blessing us with more than suitable riding conditions. To my surprise, as I headed to Jimmy Fitzpatrick's house to shoot photos, pick-up trucks and vans lined the entire course -- it looked like Fitzpatrick was hosting an FMX National. Brian Deegan, Nixey Danielson, Taka Higasino, Nate Adams, Robbie Maddison, Lance Coury, Destin Cantrell, Derek Cook and more joined Twitch and Fitzpatrick for what was one of the biggest FMX sessions ever. EVER. (Chris Tedesco)