Mr. Popular

Since last week, we've had a poll running on our FMX homepage asking the public who they'd like to see interviewed on ESPN FMX next. Out of Nixey Danielson, Jim McNeil, Jacko Strong and Destin Cantrell, it was Lance Coury who won by a landslide. So, as promised, here's our interview with the young SoCal ripper. Enjoy.

OK, so first off. What have you been up to lately? You recently had a pretty bad get-off in Switzerland. How have you been healing from that?

I have just been a normal teenager, riding motorcycles, started surfing, and Facebook! The get off wasn't anything to brag about, but something to live and learn from.

So let's talk about Facebook. We had a poll on our homepage asking the public what pro FMX rider they would like to see interviewed on ESPN.com and you won by a freakin' landslide! How did you do it? Facebook? You must have legions of hardcore fans.

I actually only have like 150 friends on Facebook. I just add the people I personally know. But I did post something about it on my Myspace and I have somewhere in the range of 3000 friends on there, so I am guessing that one really made the difference.

I have just been a normal teenager lately — riding motorcycles, started surfing, and Facebook!

-- Lance Coury

Rad man. You ended up getting 583,000 votes! How's that make you feel?

You're kidding me, right? (laughs)

(laughs) Yeah ... I actually don't know numbers, but that would be sweet!

Yeah, If that was the case I would be like a real celeb and ask you for the legit numbers so I could go to my sponsors for more money. (laughs)

So, besides killing it on the poll, you really seem to be gaining a lot of popularity. I collected info and stats from all the guys riding in the AFMXA contest this Saturday and a couple of them put you down as their FMX influence ... and you're just a young buck yourself! How's that make you feel?

I feel honored that I have a name and a push in the sport of Freestyle Motocross, especially with all of the other great riders that I look up to. I will be heading out to support and ride in the Pro Demo at the AFMXA event this weekend as well. I also got word that I have been nominated for the New Blood award, so it should be a good time.

Yeah, there is a lot of new blood out there and you were chosen. Congrats man.

Thanks man, I appreciate it.

So you mentioned you've just been being a normal teenager lately ... what does that entail for you? And ... you have a special lady or is chick hunting part of your daily routine?

Well for the most part I try and think I am a normal teenager, but if you ask any of my friends and they will say "No way." I travel the world, I ride motorcycles for a living, and I have fun doing it. But when I am at home I do like to go to normal teenager parties. I do other activities like surfing, which Levi Sherwood and I tried for the first time together, but I don't think he liked it as much as I do.

As for the girl situation... I have a girlfriend named Courtney who I met when I was 11-years-old. She has been going to University of Utah for the past year and half. So it's a long distance relationship, but it's cool - it gives me time to focus and worry about myself.

I feel honored that I have a name and a push in the sport of Freestyle Motocross, especially with all of the other great riders that I look up to.

-- Lance Coury

So, Courtney is a lucky girl. Rumor has it that you have been selected to do some type of "Hot Panel" thing for Seventeen Magazine. Can you tell me about that?

Yeah, I did an interview for Seventeen Magazine a couple months back, where the subject was "What do action sports guys look for in girls?" The editors liked working with me, so they ended up contacting me and asked if I was interested to be a part of a 17 guy Hot Panel for 12 Issues of the mag. Of course I was down. I just got word yesterday that it was official, but I haven't heard any specifics yet.

What exactly is the 17 guy "Hot Panel?"

Well, I haven't got specifics yet, but I believe we'll be giving relationship and love advice to the readers, which is mostly teenage girls.

Wow dude, that's effin awesome! You're a stud. Let's talk about contests. You have yet to ride a big contest, but now with the Red Bull Ranking Session being announced, are you going to show your stuff and try to get on the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour? Do you feel like you're ready for that?

Yeah, I have yet to be in a bigger contest. I really want to get out there and strut my stuff. It is a hard thing to get invited, but now with the Red Bull Ranking Session it will give all of the riders a fair chance to work for a place in the world's biggest and best FMX world tour. As for me being ready, I am sure there will be some butterflies, but you have to get out there and get seasoned sometime.

Awesome man, I look forward to seeing you get down.

I am going for it!

So what's up with you and Levi Sherwood? You guys seem like an inseparable ruckus raising duo.

Usually we are, but he recently had knee surgery and went home. We talk weekly, but I miss him tucking me in at night. (laughs)

(laughs) Alright man, well thanks for talking with me. I've got one last question ... I'll be attempting an FMX comeback at the Red Bull Camp next week ... are there any small jumps at the compound or am I going to have to go straight to the 75 footer?

There is a moto track, so you can loosen up over there. But when you get to the FMX course you will have to step it up and go for it. Luckily for you, I ride a 250f which you will be riding as well, so you will be able to speed check me. Unlike when I started on my 250f — I rode with old technology 2-stroke riders still.

So you think I'm too fat for a 250f?

(laughs) I've never said that! You might not have it as easy as Levi and I, but I'm sure it's possible. I'll strap a 25-pound weight on me when I ride today and I'll let you know.

A 50 pound weight might be more accurate...