2010 Catalyst glove collection from DEFT Family

Our boys at DEFT Family have got their online store up and running and now you can cop their entire 2010 Catalyst glove collection. I've been sporting the green and purple Catalyst gloves while ripping around the streets of NYC on my bicycle and they're epic. On top of being comfortable as a mofo, they turn heads and I'm constantly getting asked where I bought them. Do yourself a favor and cop some of these bad dogs. Plus DEFT Family is rider owned (Nate Adams and Logan Darien), so you can't go wrong! Here's the official press release.

Temecula, CA (December 11, 2009) — DEFT Family, a united family of athletes, artists and creative Individuals, is proud to announce the much anticipated release of the 2010 Catalyst glove collection.

The new online store features the latest gear from DEFT Family including an array of t-shirt designs, the limited edition LA glove designed for Summer X Games 15, and now the DEFT Catalyst glove collection. "We're really excited that it's all happening for real," said Nate Adams, Founder of DEFT Family. "We really want to thank everyone for the support, both in the industry and out everyone has really been behind us and willing to help out." continued Adams.

This is the second product release to come just in time for the holiday season. Check it out at www.deftfamily.com.

DEFT Family represents a united family of athletes, artists, and creative individuals inspired by the underground lifestyle to smash boundaries and define our future. Started by a core crew of friends influenced by music, art, culture, sport, faith, and fashion, each member of DEFT Family is gifted in their own way, and driven to push through limits unknown.

DEFT Family products are created by DEFT Family members to deploy individual expression and personality. Committed to bringing you high-quality products combined with a fresh and unique look, DEFT Family is not just a brand, it's a lifestyle...