Mike Metzger Launches Secret Society

The founding father of Freestyle Moto-X Mike Metzger aka "the Godfather" has created a secret society of riders that are ready to ignite the sport of Freestyle Moto-X. Under the name "MOB Syndicate" the elite group riders will travel the Globe starring in an extensive series of shows to promote the sport, the riders and the Metzger brand of clothing, accessories and merchandise. Metzger himself will lead the riders and will enforce a set code of conduct to promote creativity, safety and loyalty in the team.

The Mob Syndicate is the driving force for the promotion of the Metzger Brand line of products, in addition to sponsorship opportunities and television productions."It's time for change" says Metzger. "I'll be on the hunt for new talent in the sport of FMX and this is my way to give back to the sport which I helped to create more than a decade ago".

At this time the family of riders is not being disclosed. Stay tuned as we will be updating you with information.

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