Gear: DC's Travis Pastrana Collection

The Pastrana 199 Trucker hat and Big Rig flannel shirt will get you mad daps from peeps, yo. DC Shoes

There's no more familiar name in motocross, or the action sports world for that matter, than that of Travis Pastrana. So, naturally people want to show their support for their favorite rider and thanks to DC Shoes, you can now deck yourself out head to toe with Pastrana's steeze. Released this month, the Travis Pastrana Collection features t-shirts, button up shirts, hoodies, hats, board shorts, slippers and of course, shoes.

Starting off as a little skate shoe company in 1993, DC now produces way more than just shoes and a number of those products can be found in the Travis Pastrana Collection. Being as Pastrana has ridden a Suzuki throughout his entire career, yellow is used as an accent color in most of the products including shirts, hats, and most noticeably the Travis Pastrana Alibi shoe. Pastrana's love for red and black flannel shirts also gave way for the Big Rig flannel shirt, which features a little 199 logo on the bottom left ... how cool is that?

DC is one of the most recognizable companies in action sports and Pastrana is one the most recognizable athletes in the game. Put those two together and you have some gear that will get you daps from any true fan of action sports. If you're sick of people not knowing that you're into motocross, the Travis Pastrana Collection will solve that devastating problem. Represent for the culture, yo.

Any retailer that sells DC shoes and products should carry at least a few of the items, however it's pretty hit and miss depending on the theme of the store. In today's day and age, it's almost best to just order online directly from the source so you know you're getting the legit gear. Click here to check out Pastrana's line at DC's online store.