Mt. Shasta

Here's how to get there: From town, drive up Everett Memorial Highway on the paved road to Bunny Flat Trailhead, elevation 7,000 feet and the easiest (and most crowded) trailhead to start your climb. In the spring and early summer, you can skin from your car; now you'll hike in until you reach snow. Continue up the mountain and pass the stone Sierra Club rest cabin at Horse Camp, which was built in the 1920s and is a good place to rehydrate. After that, the landscape will change from old growth Shasta firs to the alpine white desert. Within a few hours, you'll skin by the high camp at Lake Helen, and from there, you have 4,000 feet of climbing, past the Red Backs and Missory Hill, until you reach the summit. In this photo: Lake Helen. (Forrest Coots)