Windstedt, Annetts win FWT St. Moritz

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The second stop of the 2011 Freeride World Tour took place Sunday on the 1,800-foot north face of the Corvatsch at Engadin St. Moritz, Switzerland.

In the men's ski field, Sweden's Henrik Windstedt took first, followed by Torgrim Vole from Norway and Seb Michaud from France.

The second skier out of the gate was Squaw Valley's JT Holmes, who ended up placing fourth. "For me, I need something at the beginning of my run to really get pumped up and that's what the top [35-foot] air was," Holmes told ESPN. "I skied the best I could and no matter where I end up in the rankings, that was my run today and it was my best and I'm happy about it."

Holmes held onto first place until Vole, a wildcard from Norway, slipped past him with a fast run that started with several doubles. Vole and Holmes held onto the top positions until Sweden's Henrik Windstedt rode the kind of line he's famous for: fast, fluid skiing and cleanly stomped drops that were enough to edge him into first.

Windstedt was followed by perennial favorite Seb Michaud, who skied one of the most aggressive runs of the day topped off with a cleanly stomped backflip at the bottom, earning him the lead.

In the men's snowboard division, it was all about Jackson Hole's Matt Annetts who rode away with the win. His run started with a 15-foot air, followed by another air that had given other competitors some trouble earlier in the day. Check out video of his run here. "I got in a zone where nobody had been before and it was shin-deep powder," Annetts said. "I skipped off a couple of rocks, came out with speed and hit a little rock at the bottom. It was great to stay on my feet."

Annetts was followed by Austrians Mitch Toelderer and Flo Örley, who placed second and third, respectively.
Three-time Freeride World Tour champion Xavier de Le Rue from France had an uncharacteristically off day and ended up in the middle of the pack.

The good snow conditions enabled the riders to take unusually big risks, some of which ended in injury. Argentinian skier Juan Bergada, who clipped the rocks at the bottom of a big drop and tomahawked 15 or 20 feet before stopping, was helicoptered off the face with an undetermined leg injury. Snowboarder Andy Finch also misjudged a landing and ended up taking a hair-raising fall through a rock section. He crossed the finish line, but then went to the hospital to have a gash in his side stitched up. Wildcard skier Eric Sunnerheim from Sweden took a knee to the chin and knocked a few teeth loose at the top of his run, but he still managed to charge the rest of his run and end up with a fifth-place finish.

Next up, the Freeride World Tour heads to the U.S. -- Crystal Mountain, Washington for the snowboarders and Kirkwood, Calif. for the skiers. The overall tour rankings are still completely up for grabs. For overall rankings and results go to www.freerideworldtour.com.