Eye of the Condor coming to La Parva

A new photo contest is coming to La Parva this July. Courtesy Logo

Chile's La Parva ski resort, 30 miles northeast of Santiago, is holding a ski photo and video contest from July 30 to Aug. 5. The Eye Of The Condor (EOC) invites photographers, videographers and skiers from several brands to compete to produce the best still and moving imagery from certain runs within the resort this summer.

La Parva marketing manager Mike Relf explained that teams will have five days and "full creative control" to shoot on the "reasonable confines of the course." Utah-based photographer Adam Clark came up with the concept. "Adam said we need to come up with something unique to Chile," said Rodrigo Medina, the resort's corporate sales and marketing director.

Some brands have signed on; organizers are still working to convince others. "Right now we've got K2, Discrete and KLINT committed ... and we expect to be able to announce a few more teams in the next couple of weeks," EOC spokesman Tom Winter told ESPN. "I think people will be impressed with the level of talent."

According to Medina, pro skiers Julian Carr, Ingrid Backstrom, JT Holmes, and Tanner Rainville are planning to attend EOC.

Winners from each category will pocket $3,000. Among the judges are Thomas Grob, the former Olympian from Chile and general manager of La Parva, and Sherry McConkey, wife of Shane, who was killed during a ski-BASE jump in Italy in 2009. Medina said EOC would be collaborating with the Shane McConkey Foundation. Participants will then vote on the Rider's Choice award and the winners will receive an all-expenses paid surfing trip.

The end goal for EOC is longevity, Relf said, adding: "This is a celebration of the sport. We want to see this going on five, 10, 20 years down the road."