POW's HD glove ($45)

Bonus: POW's HD glove comes in three colors. Courtesy of POW

Learning how to ski at the age of five was a piece of cake in comparison to stuffing my limbs into awkward-fitting 80s ski wear. The rear entry boots and bibs were tolerable, but the thick mittens drove me bonkers. They bunched up the sleeves of my jacket, leaving big gaps for snow to accumulate, and left me feeling like a clumsy Jet Puff marshmallow. Forget about doing anything useful with my hands, like grabbing a ski pole, let alone putting the gloves on myself. Oh, how glove technology has changed.


POW Gloves' HD glove is an ode to the Home Depot-style workman's glove, a favorite among ski patrollers and fellow mountain ops. But unlike the bulky and industrial workman's gloves, POW's tough, insulated HD glove takes a more streamlined approach. Designed for someone who's always tweaking a playlist, fumbling for the stash pocket or making gear adjustments, the HD's slim profile is easy to slip on and off with the help of an elastic sock cuff. The deerskin leather exterior keeps a firm grip on whatever project passes through your hands. No extra bells. No fancy whistles. Just a pair of no-frills work gloves that keep up their end of the bargain.

The glove's microfleece-lined interior is soft and fuzzy, while the buttery, smooth leather exterior molds to the contours of your hand. While most gloves pack some bulk and leave enough room for your digits to swim in, the HD keeps your fingers snug and protected. The result is a glove that even OJ Simpson couldn't argue his way out of. "There are no fancy accessories attached," says POW's design director Dan Egan. "It's built to do one thing: work. Whether it be on the mountain or in a cold garage waxing your skis, it's a very slim-fitting glove with great dexterity. It allows you to feel what you're doing on and off the mountain." The HDs are ideal for cool spring conditions or mid-winter dry spells, but be sure to treat the gloves with a leather-specific waterproofing coating, like Nikwax Glove Proof, to prevent soggy finger syndrome.

Look for the HD gloves in shops across North America in the fall or check them out at Powgloves.com.