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2011 Winter Dew Tour Toyota Championship Slopestyle ~ Sunday, February 13

Alex Schlopy wins Men's Slopestyle, Bobby Brown takes overall Slopestyle Dew Cup

This is Alex Schlopy's month: After a second place finish in Killington last month for the second stop of the Winter Dew Tour, Schlopy won Big Air gold at Winter X with a double cork 1620, then followed it up a few days later as the first-ever Slopestyle champ at the FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships on his home mountain in Park City, Utah. On Sunday, he carried that momentum into a win in Slopestyle at Snowbasin's final stop of the Winter Dew Tour, beating out Joss Christensen and Russ Henshaw and bumping this year's Dew Cup champ Bobby Brown off the podium into fourth place.

"You want to save the best for last and leave a good impression," says Schlopy, who did a switch 1460 mute grab on the final hit. "I just wanted to spin big and go as big as possible. This month's been crazy with constant competition skiing and just a few days in between, so now I'm ready to take a little break and just do some fun skiing."

His winning run -- front 360 swap transfer on the first box, blind 360 swap to blind 270 on the up-flat box, a big blind mute spin off the cannon feature, left 900 double grab Japan on the first jump, and the switch 14 mute -- pushed his score to 94.50, ahead of Utah's Joss Christensen and Australia's Russ Henshaw.

After winning last month at Killington and taking second on his home mountain at Breckenridge in December, Bobby Brown only needed an 8th place finish Sunday to claim his first Dew Cup (he finished second on the tour in 2010 and third in 2009). "It's bittersweet," Brown says. "I'm stoked to be the Dew Cup champ but I would have liked to be on the podium here. Still, this caps off my contest season nicely and I'm stoked to go home and ski some powder."

Kaya Turski wins Women's Ski Slopestyle

Kaya Turski went big in her second run at in the Women's Ski Slopestyle finals at Snowbasin Sunday morning, working her way through the rail section with a front switch up on the flat-to-gap-to-down rail and a switch 270 to blind switch-up to 270 out on the up-flat box feature. She followed it up with a switch 720 and a switch 540 in the jumps for a score of 89.50, spinning her way ahead of Devin Logan (85.00) and Anna Segal (79.25) for the win.

"It feels really good to follow up my X Games win with this and to be standing here on top as this competition season winds down," Turski says. "I had to skip the first Dew Tour event in the early season because my knee was still recovering and honestly I didn't know what kind of season I was going to be able to have."

Logan, who also took second place in Saturday's Superpipe, was close behind with a big 720 and a rodeo 540 on her last hit.

"It's crazy how much women have progressed in the past year," Turski says. "I was really impressed at X Games and I'm really impressed today. It's definitely stepping up with girls hitting a lot more switch, doing a lot of unnatural rotations and different grabs."

2011 Winter Dew Tour Toyota Championship Superpipe ~ Saturday, February 12

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Kevin Rolland wins Men's Ski Superpipe

The Winter Dew Tour saw its first Dew Cup champ of the season Saturday at Snowbasin when French skier Kevin Rolland posted a 96.50, beating out Benoit Valentin and Byron Wells with the highest Ski Superpipe score in the Dew Tour's three-year history. The win follows up on his second Winter X Games Gold last month.

"I couldn't be more happy," Rolland said. "It's the end of my trip and it's been a big trip: I won the second Dew Tour stop in Killington, I won the X Games for the second time, and then at the World Championship I was a bit disappointed because I finished second, but it's not so bad ... I've got the Dew Cup in my bag, and I can come back to France with a lot of trophies. I might have to get a bigger suitcase."

Rolland came into the final Dew Tour stop in a neck-and-neck tie with Simon Dumont in the overall standings -- each with 186 points. He finished just behind Dumont in Breckenridge, then came out on top in Killington. Today's win was decisive: After Dumont fell on his first-hit 1260 in the first run, Rolland scored a 95.00 with a misty flip, alley-oop flatspin 360, switch 900, switch 720, to double cork 1260. After Dumont's disappointing second run left him in sixth place, it was enough for Rolland to take the day.

This is the third year in a row Dumont has just missed Dew Cup glory, finishing behind Tanner Hall in 2009 and Jossi Wells in 2010.

Rolland, not content to merely take a victory lap, stomped three doubles -- including a left side double cork 1260 -- on his way down to pick up his trophy, improving his score to 96.50. He finishes the overall Dew Tour points race with 286, ahead of Dumont (260) and Thomas Krief (230).

His good friend and countryman Valentin finished in second with a 90.25 on his second run, which featured a huge tail grab whiskey flip, alley-oop flatspin 360, switch 720, right side 900, left side double cork 1260 tail grab. Wells set the tone for the entire competition, dropping in as the first competitor with a switch 10, alley-oop flatspin 540, late shifty alley-oop, and right side 900 for a score of 84.25 that held for third place.

Brita Sigourney wins Women's Ski Superpipe

The first Winter Dew Tour season to include women's freeskiing finished out with Brita Sigourney coming in with a win over Devin Logan and Jen Hudak in a tight Women's Ski Superpipe contest at Snowbasin in Ogden, UT. The three podium finishers posted scores of 92.00, 91.00, and 90.00, but it was Sigourney's first run -- 540 tail grab, alley-oop, 900, alley-oop 540, straight air, alley oop 720 -- that ended up ruling the day. She pushed it even harder in her second run, slamming hard on the final wall.

"When you stomp your first run it's all about going as big as you can on the second, and I knew Jen could still be a threat," says Sigourney, who hobbled to the top of the podium on crutches. "My groin is in pain right now and I can't really put a lot of weight on my leg, so it's a good thing the competition season is winding down."

The women's Ski Superpipe competitors kept the Snowbasin Ski Patrol busy this weekend: Mirjam Jaeger was flown to a nearby hospital by helicopter after Prelims yesterday, and Canadian skier Rosalind Groenewould (aka "Roz G") was carried off in a stretcher with a broken collarbone after going down in her first run in Finals.

"I think we're really stepping it up: 10s are starting to go down, girls are starting to go bigger and, unfortunately, when we're going big there are going to be some bigger falls, too," says Sigourney.

Logan improved her first-run score and bumped into second place ahead of Hudak with a big run featuring a big Japan grab on her first hit, followed by a flair, 540 Japan air, alley-oop critical grab, and 720 mute grab.

"I'm thankful to have the Dew Tour stepping in to provide more opportunities for us to compete and show the world what we're doing on our skis," adds Hudak. "It's definitely given a lot more girls an opportunity to break on to the scene and help push the sport, because we finally see opportunity in it."


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