Sammy Carlson's "On Top of the Hood"

It must be hard to make money in the ski movie business these days. How are you supposed to sell the stuff when the best guys in the business are already giving it away for free? Reigning Winter X Slopestyle champ Sammy Carlson is doing just that with his free online movie, "On Top of the Hood."

Carlson recently released a teaser for the all-backcountry movie, which will premiere mid September at the International Freeski Film Festival in Montreal. It will be available to the public for free online shortly thereafter.

He has been collaborating over the summer with Eric Pollard's Mt. Hood-based ski film company, Nimbus Independent, to produce the free movie, which will include appearances from John Spriggs, Dane Tudor, Tommy Ellingson and Andy Mahre. Carlson talked to ESPN Freeskiing about the project this week while he was shooting on a quarter pipe that was nearly a week in the making.