Armada TST ($650)

Go ahead -- you know you want it. Armada

Your quiver makes people quiver. You've got skis for every snow condition in Mother Nature's arsenal, and they're all tuned with the precision of a professional knife set. And yet ... here you are, reading this review, fiending for another pair of sticks. Don't fight your twisted addiction to the sickest skis on the market -- feed it with the Armada TST.


The TST is actually a tribute ski, built for up-and-coming Armada rider Travis Steeger before he was tragically killed in a hit-and-run accident back in 2009. A portion of the proceeds go to Steeger's memorial fund and Avalanche Awareness Beyond the Boundaries (AABBS). To honor their fallen compatriot, Armada designed these go-anywhere, destroy-anything launchers to glide through powder, stomp cliff drops and blast through assorted crud with equal aplomb. Put simply, Steeger would be proud. "This was the ski that Travis was asking us to make," says Armada co-founder Chris O'Connell. "It truly does anything."

Steeger's laminted legacy takes the best features from several popular Armada models and combines them into one ski. "It's wider than the ARV but narrower than our JJ, with a straight tail to handle variable conditions and a rockered nose to plane through the choppy stuff," explains O'Connell. (If you're the kind of skier who rips top-to-bottom runs at mountains like Vail, Jackson, Snowbird or Aspen, this should all be music to your ears.) Built with a Hybrid UltraLight core with a great strength-to-weight ratio, the TST is also very light. Touring, anybody? Go ahead, reach for that credit card ... we won't tell.

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