Quiver Killer binding inserts ($39.99)

It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that skiers like to change setups between a backcountry tour and resort skiing. Or that skiers wouldn't mind saving money and not buying a new pair of bindings for every ski in their quiver. It did take a doctor, though.


Nick Bosco, founder of Quiver Killers, earned a Ph.D in material science from the University of California at Santa Barbara before spending a couple of years in Davos, Switzerland, where he got into skiing. Bosco was strapped for cash and didn't want to buy another pair of bindings for his new powder skis. So, the scientist started tinkering. The result of Bosco's experiments is Quiver Killers, a simple, yet effective, stainless steel binding insert that enables skiers to swap a lightweight touring binding for a burly alpine binding, pull the binders off when traveling to cut down on weight and fit two skis into a rolling travel bag or change between telemark and alpine bindings on the same ski.

The concept makes total sense: Rather than drilling your binding directly into the core of a new ski (or remounting into an already drilled ski), drill and tap the Quiver Killers into the ski so multiple bindings can be swapped between the ski. "We're just selling screws," says Bosco. "I found some old discussions on TGR's forum about threaded inserts. This was not a new idea. I guess I'm just the first one to do something with it."

Quiver Killers sold almost 8,000 insert setups when they launched a few years ago with a grassroots group-buy program. Now, Bosco is pushing about 50,000 parts a year. Pros started taken notice of the inserts, too. "I am using Quiver Killers on my skis this season," says big-mountain skier Eric Hjorleifson. They have been great, allowing me to switch bindings from ski to ski several times already. I had been playing around with cabinetry and furniture inserts for a similar concept, but the major flaw was that they are not sealed on the bottom. QK are sealed stainless steel so you don't have to worry about water damage."

There are inserts compatible with bindings made by Dynafit, Marker, Salomon, Rossignol, G3, Head/Tyrolia, Look/FKS and more. And, they're bomber -- the Quiver Killer insert can handle up to 400 kilograms of force (compared to the 280 kilograms of force that normal binding screws can handle).

Though installing the inserts is fairly easy for anyone who mounts their own skis and has the tools, the crux is tapping the threading correctly. Hopefully, though, the experts in your local ski shop will be doing this for us soon. "My vision is that this is a service that ski shops start to offer," says Bosco.

Find a dealer near you or purchase online at Quiverkiller.com.