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A film is a story. But it is not the story. There are always layers of deeper, behind-the-scenes stories, too. As you view episode 6 of Salomon Freeski TV, which dropped on Tuesday and stars Chris Rubens and yours truly skiing in the gigantic terrain of northern BC with Last Frontier Heliskiing, I would like to tell you some of those behind-the-scenes stories from the filming of this episode.

-Last Frontier Heliskiing is in the middle of nowhere. So in order to save money on what would have been a bulk of expensive plane tickets to remote airports, we decided to pack my truck with hundreds of pounds of gear, then Chris Rubens, cinematographer Jeff Thomas, photographer Bryn Hughes, and I took ferries and drove frost-heaved, weathered roads for the 1,600 mile round-trip journey from Whistler.

-We met Roland Soucie like you'd meet anyone in a town of less than 500 people. We asked a random person on the street, "Who is a long time local here?" and they guided us straight to Soucie's front door.

-The ferry ride was one of the most beautiful and scary boat rides I've ever been on. Scary not because we had any close encounters, but because the thought of a future of massive oil tankers going through a channel so narrow I could throw rocks nearly to the shoreline from either side of the boat terrified us all.

-Most of us in this episode have been very fortunate to ski many places in the world and we all agreed at the end of the trip that there is no ski epicenter in the world that has the variety of terrain, size of mountains and diversity of snow that Last Frontier possesses. The mountains are so vast that at one point our group went too deep into the mountains, lost communications and somehow got momentarily lost. (Shhhh, don't tell the owners.)