Oh Oly, it's Holy

It's been a strange year in the Northwest. A historic heavy rainfall in January caused a mudslide that took out chairlift towers and several homes making for a big mess at the Summit East base area where the Holy Oly Revival is traditionally held. The event was moved to the Summit West Base area and it went off without a hitch. Here's a breakdown of the oddly unique awards that were handed: Holiest of the Oly, Monty Hayes; NW Method Award, Kurt Jensen; Best Trick, Matt Guess (FS7 Alley-oop Nose); Highest Air, Austin Hironaka; Destroyer Of All Things Jib, Andre Spinelli; Hardest Charging Industry Guy, Kaiser from POW Gloves; Hucking His Meat Award, Devun Elliott; Raddest Guy With A Day Job, Jay Kelly; 73 Tricks And Counting, Jason Robinson; and Best Beard, Some Guy Named Norm. Here, Highest winner Austin Hironaka gaps from the Lib car log. (Photo: G Trevor Phillips)