King of Vans

Right: La Rosa is the name of this van. It belongs to Sebastien, who is the man. You understand? Bad rhymes aside, La Rosa (translation: the rose) really was a dream on duallies: six snow tires, wood-paneled interior, a sink, storage, functional defrost and room for twelve. What more could a man want? Top Left: piling into La Rosa was a daily ritual performed many times in our four-day stay in Las Trancas. Joined by a trio of scando skier girls, we'd load gear onto the top and barrel up the dirt road to Termas, stoked to ride another day. Bottom Left: The road from the city of Chillan to Las Trancas rolls through a fair bit of farmland. When we stopped to gas up and use the facilities, Chris Beresford couldn't help but pose by one of the huasos riding by. (Colin Wiseman )