It's Hard To Say Goodbye

Our last two days of the trip saw a return to Farellones and more riding around La Parva. With shots in the bag, a long gully rider's left was the main attraction in spring-like conditions, with a succession of slashers and hips top-to-bottom. It took a poma, a double-chair, and two more pomas to get there. By this point of the trip we were learning to milk the pomas, throwing one-footers off the sidewalls the whole way up, or making like wakeboarders and strapping in to get outside the 'wake' (poma-track), before hopping back in and up the other side. Needless to say, no one attempted a scarecrow, but there may have been a re-entry... Dirks got both feet strapped in to float a mellow cranker down the gully before returning home. (Colin Wiseman )