Strength: Leonard Davis (6-6, 381 lbs.) vs. Kevin Robinson (6 feet, 185 lbs.)

Leonard Davis is a rhinoceros in shoulder pads. The Dallas guard is 355 pounds of rush-preventing pain, so it's no wonder he scored a strength rating of 99 in "Madden NFL 11." But pound for pound, BMXer Kevin Robinson is just as burly. The man they call "K-Rob" is the meatiest dude in the jock-heavy discipline of BMX vert, and he pumps iron six days a week -- sometimes with NFL great Junior Seau as a training partner -- to pile on muscle and insulate his bones from the horrendous crashes that come with the territory. Davis may have superhuman strength, but let's see him hold on to a pair of BMX handlebars while absorbing G-forces from a 27-foot quarterpipe. (Photo: Jeff Hanisch-US Presswire/Brian Nevins-Red Bull)