Sex Appeal: Hank Baskett (6-4, 220 lbs.) vs. Kyle Loza (5-6, 130 lbs.)

It's no secret that professional athletes of every ilk have a preternatural advantage in the dating department. But there are different types of jocks, and muscle-bound football players like Hank Baskett, left, who married Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson in June 2009, only comprise a small percentage. At a scrawny 5-6, brooding FMX superstar Kyle Loza exists on the opposite end of the athletic spectrum, but he still "got the girl" when he married Casey Patridge, sister of Audrina Patridge from MTV's "The Hills." Granted, Baskett rides the Philadelphia Eagles' bench while Loza is one of FMX's biggest stars, but you get the point: Action sports athletes are rich, famous and genetically gifted too, and they can date with the best of them. (Photo: Denise Truscello-Wire Image/ Jason LaVeris-FilmMagic)