Endurance: Brett Favre (6-2, 222 lbs.) vs. Dennis McCoy (5-8, 155 lbs.)

What can you say about Brett Favre? He has 285 consecutive starts, for cryin' out loud. The 40-year-old Minnesota Vikings quarterback is an absolute warrior, and he'll be back this year for his 20th season of football. Favre is endurance and youthful determination personified, but allow us to introduce you to BMX vert rider Dennis McCoy. At 43, DMC is still an active X Games athlete (one of the oldest ever), and just like Favre, he continues to throw down against competitors half his age. The difference is, if Favre overthrows a pass, he gets three more downs to correct the error. If McCoy overshoots just one landing, he's looking at a severe concussion … if not a career-ending slam. To stay in the hard-hitting vert game as long as McCoy has is a feat that any veteran can appreciate. (Photo: Jeff Hanisch-US Presswire/Cody York Photography)