Hops: Larry Fitzgerald (6-3, 217 lbs.) vs. Simon Dumont (5-7, 150 lbs.)

Despite having a name like a tax accountant, Larry Fitzgerald is anything but frail and uncoordinated. The Arizona Cardinals wide receiver is one of the most athletic players in NFL history, and his jumping ability renders opposing cornerbacks more useless than a stack of W-9 forms from 1994. Now imagine putting those same hops in a frame that's 8 inches shorter and 72 pounds lighter. That's Simon Dumont! The 24-year-old freeskiing prodigy goes bigger than anyone in the business. In fact, the sheer altitude he attains in superpipe contests like the Winter X Games has practically revolutionized the sport's scoring system. Dumont is a surface-to-air missile in human form, but unlike Fitzgerald, he doesn't play a sport that millions of fans watch religiously every Sunday. You do the math, but trust us: This kid rivals Fitzgerald when it comes to boosting. (Photo: Andrew Weber-US Presswire/Nate Abbott)