Finesse: Reggie Wayne (6 feet, 198 lbs.) vs. Paul Rodriguez (5-7, 150 lbs.)

When commentators use the word "finesse" to describe an athlete, they are essentially describing that person's ability to make something difficult look easy. Take Reggie Wayne, for instance. The soft-handed Indianapolis Colts wideout is a finesse player because he can casually rope in passes that other receivers would bobble or drop. On the action-sports side, skateboarder Paul Rodriguez is similarly cool and collected. Rodriguez makes ultra-technical flip tricks look stock, and he does mammoth drops down gaps without breaking a sweat. In fact, many of P-Rod's warm-up tricks -- which he performs with robotic precision -- are often more complex than his peers' best contest moves. You think catching a football is tough? Try catching a spinning, flipping skateboard with the soles of your shoes. (Photo: Brian Spurlock-US Presswire/Austin Mayer)