Personality: Chad Ochocinco (6-1, 192 lbs.) vs. Travis Pastrana (6-2, 200 lbs.)

From donning a handmade "Hall of Fame" robe to mock-proposing to a cheerleader on the sidelines, there's no telling what sort of antics Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco has up his sleeve on any given day. Who else in sports would legally change his name to match his jersey number? Not even Dennis Rodman went that far. On the action sports side, FMX champion-turned-MTV star-turned-Rally racer Travis Pastrana has a different but equally hilarious shtick. To the same degree that Ochocinco plays up his football talents with over-the-top showmanship, Pastrana plays down his ridiculous skills in FMX with nerdy quotes and aw-shucks mannerisms. These two men are the exact opposite in every possible way, yet they both have more personality than many of their competitors combined. (Photo: Frank Victores-US Presswire/Rich van Every-Red Bull )