Clint's Crazy Chilean Camera Clips

Todd Jordan loves kitties. Stereo Sound Agency

Check out Clint's Crazy Chilean Camera Clips featuring: Fred Gall, Todd Jordan, Jack Sabback, Brian Brown and Paul Shier.

"This is exactly what it sounds like... random tidbits of life in the countryside and city in a thirdworld paradise."
--Clint Peterson

Video link: http://www.stereosoundagency.com/galleries/video/985049010/326093119

Also, check out Clint's Corner for several photo posts from his Chile trip.

Update #1: http://www.stereosoundagency.com/blogs/bd/2009/02/09/Melee-in-Chile-part-1/

Update #2: http://www.stereosoundagency.com/blogs/bd/2009/02/13/Melee-in-Chile-part-2/

Update #3: http://www.stereosoundagency.com/blogs/bd/2009/02/16/Melee-in-Chile-part-3/