Alessa Quizon on cover of Freesurf Magazine

Damien Hobgood finishes 5th and stays in top pack. ASP

It's an interesting time to be a surfer. Our sport, a sport said to be descended of kings, has always been dominated by the male figure. From the men of steel who surfed iron boards to Duke Kahanamoku to Tom Carroll to Kelly Slater, the men have always been in the driver's seat, progressing surfing beyond the boundaries of old and into new horizons. But something is amiss. If you've had the pleasure recently of surfing with any of today's top female surfers, you'd know that the stranglehold that men have had on the sport is coming to an abrupt and grinding halt as — wait for it the ladies are catching up.

This year, the surf world is acknowledging the turning of a new leaf, the opening of a new door, the lifting of an old veil. It's in the air. We've heard its giggle. We've seen its face. And most importantly, we've seen it surf. This is the dawning of a new generation of female surfers. A generation led by Carissa Moore, Coco Ho, and this month's cover girl, Alessa Quizon a generation that surfs faster, cleaner, and with more style and poise than any that has come before it; a generation that has laid waste to the term surf like a girl.

When we came across this month‚s cover shot of Alessa Quizon, we knew it was something special, a near-iconic image that spoke to the transformation of female surfing. This wasn't a timid girl with a flower in her ear awkwardly poised on a 9.0 trying to sell other girls bikinis. No, this was a real, honest-to-God, fins-free frontside hack that would make any guy jealous. Clearly, it's a new day for women surfers. Here‚s hoping that with a little luck, a few good boards, and a lot of time in the water that one day, we too, can surf like a girl.