Ninja Star

Shuriken Shannon is an ill skateboarder. He's been steady on the grind for a while. Shuriken first emerged on the scene back when Pig Wheels briefly did a board division. That squad actually unleashed quite a few rippers that have gone on to turn some heads (Slash, Lizard King, Sammy Bacca). Now that people have recognized game, Shuriken's solidified his career with a board on Black Label and even some signature kicks from Osiris about to drop. Our man in the field, Mike Sinclair sat Shuriken down to catch up and let us in on the trade secret of one smooth operator. —Adam Salo

Who named you Shuriken, what does it mean and where did it come from?
My name's Japanese. It means "Ninja star." I don't know. My dad is a martial arts master and studied this crazy style for like 50 years and I guess it would come from that so here I am, Lil' Shuriken.

You got a middle name?
Yeah, it's Drey.

SS are your initials, have you ever thought about getting an old Nova Super Sport?
I never thought about getting a Super Sport, or a Nova maybe an old school Caddy and fix it up a little bit.

I hear that you are related to Flavor Flav?
Yeah, it's a trip huh? He's my dad's oldest brother's son.

Can you get me an autographed copy of "It Takes a Nation of Millions?"
S**t, I wish I could get a copy for my a**!

Can you get Flav and Chuck D to play at my next birthday party?
(Laughter) How about they play at my birthday and you could get V.I.P straight Very Important Person status. Now dat s**t ain't no joke. You would be a baller.

I'm down for that.
How about just one S1W soldier then at my party?

Maybe one day. Do you have a photo of yourself without the dreads?
Yeah I probably got a old school photo floating around somewhere. The Q-Tip days it was G. Now I gets to shake dem dreads!

How long have you had them?
I've had my dreads for like 7 years. It's been a journey.

Do they smell like feet?
No they do not smell like feet these s**ts are so fresh and so clean. I keeps it legit.

Who has got some suspect hair right now?
Adelmo Jr's hair will knock you the f**k out. Straight up! There's other suspect s**t but I ain't even gonna get into that right now.

Who's your everyday skate posse?
It's kind of always random. Marius, Wes Kremer, Tyler Surrey, the Sk8mafia crew, OB Locs, everybody.

Marius got drafted into the Finish army right?
Yeah. He's just got out of it though due to some wrist injuries from skating. So that big bobbles got out of that madness now he's back on his board killing it.

If you got drafted tomorrow would you:
(a) run to Canada
(b) shoot yourself in the foot
(c) claim homosexuality
(d) all of the above

Man, I guess I would just go skate the Mega Ramp.

Finish the intro to "1999" by Prince: "I was dreaming when I wrote this. . ."
Ha! Prince! Let me see. Does it go, "I was dreaming when I wrote this. Forgive me if it goes astray?" Right? I think. That fool had a crazy steeze.

Yep, you got that no problem. How come you didn't leave Osiris for that one big shoe company that called you trying to steal you?
S**t, I don't know. I felt things at the O were going good, you know? Video just came out and I was just skating. Never thought I would get approached by something like that and the team was tight at the O so I felt like jumping over somewhere not knowing what would happen just wouldn't be right at that point. I'm chilling skating and having a good time wherever I'm at.

Do you have a shoe in the works?
There might be a lil flavor in the works look out now!

Did you ever own a pair of D3's?
Nah, never did.

You ever seen a bronzed pair of D3's?
I've seen those. There like BLAOW!

Have you ever passed out from Chet's Childress' breath on tour?
I got a little mini fan on hand for that. (Laughter)

What have you learned from John Lucero?
John's the man!

Did you know John Lucero invented the slappy?
He's the King of slappies.

Have your ever heard the band Lucero?
Nah, never heard of the Lucero band. Craze.

What's some music you are feeling right now?
I like to mix it up wit some underground hip hop, some reggae, get a little jazzy here and there, mix some '80s in there, get a little funky, bunch of vibe-y stuff. Whatever sounds G, I bump it.

Do you have anything you still listen to on cassette?
Nah, all that stuff broke.

T-Pain or Weezy?
Weezy. But he needs to stop all dat cryin' and whining.

What's the most racist thing you have ever heard?
Some dude yelling ni**er out the window while he's driving when I'm walking with my chick down in Hillcrest. It's 2009 man! That s**t will never change.

Who do you owe the most thanks too?
Everybody that has ever let me sleep on there couch over the years when I was stuggling: the homies, Kong and Fitz always having my back. All the homies in Diego, my chick Ashley. Skateboarding: it really saved my life, not for the money or the fame but because it feels so damn good to be on that shred stick.

What's in store for Shuriken Shannon during 2009?
Skate mode, chill mode, travel mode. Oh yeah, it's on pimps.