Grant Taylor: A Taciturn Pro

Speak softly, skate fast: Grant blasts an ollie into a steep, weed-covered bank that looks like it got jackhammered by a road crew. Lots of ways to die on this one. Ryan Flynn

When Grant Taylor turned pro, I knew it wouldn't be much use asking him about how he felt or if he expected it or who his influences in skating were or any of that. After all, he's probably one of the least talkative people in skateboarding. He says what he wants to say with the way he rolls and that's all, it seems. But, I thought for sure that some of his more talkative friends, like Justin Brock, David Clark, Shane O'Neill and Pat McClain would have some more insight or funny stories about Grant. Turns out they're almost as tight-lipped. Whether it was my questions or Grant's ability to stay quiet and hold his cards to his chest, his homies couldn't say much either. But, what they do say gives a little insight into Grant and his new pro status.

Did Grant ever talk about going pro?

Pat McClain: Nah.
David Clark: Grant never talked about going pro.
Shane O'Neill: Grant doesn't really talk about stuff like that.
Justin Brock: I don't think going pro even runs through his mind. I think he just skates. I know he just skates.

Did he know it was coming?

Shane: I guess. He's been killing it for so long...he just had the "Mindfield" part and now the Nike "Debacle" part, so he's definitely worthy of going pro.
David: I mean, when you're the best skater, it's gonna happen, so I guess he knew it was coming? I don't know...
Pat: Maybe. I think he knew like a month before, but not before that.

What do you think about it?

Shane: He's pretty much everything that a pro should be. And, even though he's young, he's got roots from his dad. He can skate everything. He's into a lot of older skaters—a lot of dudes that I don't know anything about. He's down for every sort of skating, so that's why he's the best, really.
Pat: It was bound to happen. It's killer.
David: I think it's great. He deserves it. He's sick. He's been skating since he was two. He's born to do it.
Justin: Good on him.

For people that don't know him, you got any good stories that sum up how he is?

Pat: [Pause] He slammed his board into a bike at the park...I don't know if that sums him up. He really just doesn't give a s--t.

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