Winter Gear Guide: Jackson Hole Snowboard Team

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Shovel: Voile T-Wood avalanche shovel

Photograph By Jeff Moran; Courtesy photo

Luckily for us, our team's avalanche shovels are used for building jumps instead of digging people out of debris piles. (Although they're always, of course, on hand when we go backcountry riding.) Even though we use an assortment of brands, the shovel that has been the most helpful is the Voile T-Wood. (That's my well-used and still-going-strong one on the left there.) It has a wide, sturdy shovel blade and comes with a "saws-all" saw blade hidden in the handle that attaches to the shovel handle. We've used the saw to make new jibs, cut branches off trees and even clear brush out of jump run-ins. It'll saw through bone, too. Just sayin'. [$57;]