Skateboarding holiday 2012 buyer's guide

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Camping Vibes

Photograph By Dawes

If earth tones and camping supplies are on your skate rat's list, then look no further. The full rundown includes: 1. Stance Poler socks 2. Chrome Cardiel ORP backpack 3. Iris hand made board 4. Alien Workshop Snub tool 5. Anti-Hero flask 6. Creature Bones dominoes 7. Hex x Supra iPhone case 8. Huf Junction Down flap cap 9. Huf Plantlife gloves 10. Creature Charred Remains 11. Loud Party horn 12. DVS Francisco slippers 13. Creature Camp tent 14. Habitat Nomad beanie 15. Element hacky sack 16. Neff Daily Woven watch