"I'm not a photographer"

My name is Rob Brink and I'm not a photographer. I wouldn't ever dare call myself one. There are far too many amazing photographers out there who put their heart and soul into it the way I do with my writing. I just happen to be lucky enough to be surrounded by a lot of cool skateboarding and I have a nice camera that I'm still learning how to use. I try to document fun things I see...things that amuse me or have a funny story behind them I can write about. Or things I think will entertain others or end up on one of the various websites/magazines I work for and with. There's that played out saying... "A picture is worth a thousand words." That makes this a 12,000-word feature. One hell of a paycheck if I was only getting my standard word rate...but, as luck would have it in this economy...I'm not. Thanks for looking and please go skateboarding and have fun when you are through. (Rob Brink)