Chaz Ortiz

It can be a tough thing to be a new kid in town, in whatever sense you want to take it, and Chaz Ortiz most certainly is at that stage, all with sparkling sponsors that lead people to wonder how he got there (Gatorade is who I'm talking about here). The SPoT guys seemed to give him the best compliment they could ("Nice color coordination, Chaz...We're always so impressed. Good job!), but it's hard for anyone to deny that he's got amazing skill—love him or damn him for getting that amazing Gatorade deal. Here he is putting down a relatively simple kickflip backlip, while everyone in the crowd is thinking how much they would like to be sponsored by Gatorade (even myself...I'm just a lowly writer who wants to get sponsored by Gatorade. I guess I'll have to try for Monster. Monster?). (J-Hon)