Checking in With Marquise Henry

Marquise dips into a proper switch back Smith. Mike Blabac courtesy of DC

DC shoes just began releasing the parts to their new, exclusively online Am video, "Skateboarding Is Forever" and they came out of the box hot with Marquise Henry as their lead man. If you liked what you saw of Marquise in the bonus footage of Alien Workshop's "Mindfield," chances are you're probably tripping over this new part. With Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis in his corner (those guys don't back the wrong horses, ever), it's pretty safe to say that next year is going to be a big year for Marquise. And it's nice to see he has a humbling attitude about all his success.

You have unbelievable pop. Do you use magnets?
Ha. Oh, no. It'd be tight if I could use magnets but unfortunately no.

In your DC part the music says, "Brothers gonna work it out," is that true?
Yup. I'm gonna try and work it all out.

What is it you're trying to work out?
Everything. Trying to get better at what I do, skating and life in general. Working it all out.

There's a Marquise Henry in Columbus, Ohio. Do you know him?
No, man, I thought I was the only Marquise Henry in the world.

Sadly, there's a few of them. There's another in Seattle.
Those might be my long, lost brothers.

Regardless, do you think LeBron James will stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers?
If he goes to The Lakers that'd be tight. That'd be like the ultimate team right there, even though they are already. That would put the icing on the cake, you know?

But people like LeBron, you don't want to send him to a team that everybody hates.
Oh what? The Lakers are tight.

The Lakers are not tight. They wear yellow for a reason.
Because they Killer Bees, son!

No, because they're scared.
Only if LeBron goes to The Lakers, I'd like to see him leave but if not he should hold it down as a Cavalier.

How did you get your name? Was your father a French Conquistador?
Unfortunately he wasn't a conquistador. I think my mom came up with the name, Marquise. I don't know where it came from but my mom came up with it.

Do you have a twin brother that you've locked away in a tower?
Uh—nah. I had to think about that one but nah.

How did that switch from Alien to DGK go down?
I got a call from Chad Bowers [Alien Team Manager] and he told me Kalis was leaving and he was saying it would probably be better for me to go to DGK with Kalis. And I already kinda had my mind made up, if Kalis was leaving I was gonna follow him. That's basically it.

So the team manager said it would be a good idea for you to leave with Kalis?
Yeah. He told me he didn't get an answer from Carter if I was gonna be getting on in a certain amount of time and he didn't really know what was going on. I could have stayed on Alien Workshop and seen if I was gonna get on but I didn't want to stay and then they tell me, "No, you can't get on," then I'm stuck.

Did it hurt your feelings that you got shown the door?
No, not really. Like they say, "When one door closes another opens." You just gotta keep your head up and move on. But I do thank them for giving me the bonus part in the Alien Workshop video; that helped a lot.

Yeah but you had a lot footage in that bonus part. Were you sad that it was in the extras section of Mindfield and not the actual video?
No, as long as it got out there and the people that saw it, saw it then that's good enough.

How did things change for you once it did get out there?
It was cool. More people started to notice me more and take me more seriously.

Are you the Dr. Dre to Kalis' Eminem?
I guess you could say that. We boys. We tight like that.

How did you meet Kalis?
My buddy, Mike Kretovics, I film with him mostly and he got the job filming for Ice Cream Shoes and he went out to Chicago on a trip and Kalis was showing them around and Mike had all my footage on his iPod and he showed Kalis and Kalis hit me up the next day at my work. It was on from there. He asked me if I wanted to get shoes and ride for DC and I was down. Can't pass up that opportunity.

Where were you working at the time?
Active Warehouse. Mail order. I was Inventory Control. Basically packing boxes and taping them up.

Do you still have a day job or is skateboarding doing it for you?
Skateboarding is doing it for me, man.

Did you quit Active right after Kalis called?
Actually I got laid off. Like the day after Kalis hit me up, I got laid off. I was stressing out for a minute but then I was like, "Forget it. I'm gonna skate and do the DC thing and hopefully everything works out." And it worked it out. Like I said, "Once one door closes, another one opens up."

Was it an automatic switch for you to get on DGK?
Yeah, it was automatic because before the Alien Workshop thing I was getting flowed from DGK, so the switch back was overnight, so to speak.

What's the best bit of advice Stevie has ever given you?
Don't get discouraged and keep doing your thing.

Do you know how many DC diamond pinkie rings Stevie has lost?

I think it's a lot.
For real? Dang. I heard those things are a couple thousand too.

Did you get one?
No, I wish I could get one. Hopefully one day.

Do you think there's any chance of Corey Duffle getting on DGK?
I don't even know.

So that's a maybe.
Skateboarding is changing so it could happen. You don't ever know what the future holds.

Whose DC Am part are you most stoked on?
Evan Smith.

What does 2010 look like for Marquise Henry?
Man, hopefully a couple interview, try and get up in these mags, man, and film for this DGK part coming out in the fall and that's about it.