Jeremy Reeves Interview and Exclusive Footage

Minnesota, like New Jersey and the other 48 States, has produced some of America's best skaters. Names like Steve Nesser, Clint Peterson, Seth McCallum, Davis Torgerson instantly come to mind, along with City skateboards' own Jeremy Reeves. Jeremy is hands down one of the three best skateboarders with that last name, EVER. We took some time to see what he's been up to.

How is the rapping career going?
Pretty slow. I think you have the wrong guy. That's the other Jereme, with the 'E'.

Is it true you're John "The Man" Reeves brother?
No, but my cousin is, Steve Reeves, if you've heard of him.

What part of Minnesota are you from?
I'm from St. Paul, the capitol. St. Paul, Minneapolis, same thing really. St. Paul is a little grimier, a little more white trash, ghetto style. Minneapolis is kind of like the yuppie part. I'm glad to have come from the tougher side.

The tougher side is also the home of Charles Schultz and The Peanuts.
That's true.

That's not very tough.
I guess it's not very tough. I've had a bunch of skate photos with those Peanuts characters. They put sculptures all over the city after he died like Snoopy and Woodstock. There's this triple set that everyone skates so I always ended up having photos with those dudes in the background.

Did you used to skate those Pillsbury letters?
Yeah, all the time. It was one of the downtown hits every night. My homie Brian Heck killed them. I didn't have much for them but we'd always go there for him.

Where is Heck these days? That dude rips.
He's in Costa Mesa with Todd Bratrud. Staying with him and trying to skate again. He's been through SF hanging out with me a few times too.

He had a sick part in that Consolidated "Behold" DVD. What happened to him?
Yeah, that was a good one. They kicked off Seth McCallum and Emeric Pratt over some Nike drama and he kinda felt like he should get his homies' back and go with them, so that's kinda what happened. It was probably a bad career move I suppose but he's doing alright. He's skating. But he blunt kickflipped the Pillsbury "P" letter too that's why I brought him up. I'm sure he back noseblunted it too; that's his move.

What do you miss most about Minnesota?
Mostly just my family. My little brother has a kid and owns a house and has a full-time job so I just don't get to see him anymore. I've only seen his daughter once. My little sister is all grown up now; she's 21. I just missed out on a lot of stuff. But I would have been unhappy if I would have just stayed there my whole life. It's a trade off. I got to see the world. They understand. It's cool.

Do you own a house?
No, hell no. Some people in skateboarding can pull it off and make a lot of money but other people just stay flat-lined at their salary and they make that work for them. And it's worth it because I don't have to have a 9 to 5 at the moment and I'm doing what I want to do. It would be nice to make a move like that though and buy a house. It's very unrealistic in San Francisco. But you could buy a house in the East Bay or south towards San Jose. But I don't think about that kind of stuff on a day-to-day basis. It's not even a reality for me right now.

Did you ever go ice fishing when you lived in Minnesota?
Yeah, definitely. I have good memories and I have bad memories of ice fishing. The bad memories are when I would go with my grandpa. He would just go out and cut a hole in the ice and just sit there all bundled up and wait. The good memories were of me and my friends in high school. One of my friends' dad's was all about it and had the whole kit with the fish house that you'd drag out onto the lake, space heater. We just sit in there and drink beer and smoke and kick it. Those are some good memories. It can be fun but you have to be prepared for it though. It's crazy out there.

Have you ever seen anyone fall through the ice?
No, I can't say that I have. I fell through a little pond once but it was only waist deep so it wasn't life and death stuff.

Did you vote for the wrestler to be Governor?
No, I didn't and my parents were pissed at me that I didn't vote. My dad was all about having Jesse 'The Body' Ventura be our governor. My mom was on the other side of the fence. I know my dad had a Jesse 'The Body' Ventura running for Governor action figure from way back in the day. He was all proud of it. I wonder if he still has it. I bet it hasn't gained any value.

I was pretty bummed that he became governor and then he stopped wearing all those boas.
Yeah, that would have been great. It's almost as bad as having Arnold be the Governor of California.

Who smokes more cigarettes? You or Dave Bachinsky?
Probably Bachinsky. I smoke the trashy bag of tobacco roll-y ones and he smokes the regular ones. I think he's got me beat which I'm pretty happy about. I need to pull it together and get rid of that stuff.

You have any good Bachinsky adventure stories?
Yeah, we were just in Miami a week ago. I don't know how crazy it is but he drove us two hours outside of Miami to go to some gap that he heard about in the middle of nowhere, with alligators on the side of the road. We show up to this gap and its about to fall over. The platform had been deteriorating forever. It was a cool gap and I was pretty psyched; you fly off a roof over a water gap and land on some platform thing. I had set up a brand new board that morning and I went to just ollie it and my board fell in, first try, and ruined my entire day. Dave ended up not getting his trick either so it was like a complete waste of a day. I'm sure there's funnier Dave stories. Like when I was in Russia with him and we were at this bar and he starts hitting my leg under the table. He hands me something. He's like, "Dude, put it in your pocket. I already got one in my pocket." They were some average, bar-style, ashtrays that said Marlboro on them and he collects Marlboro crap. And he's trying to get me to put this thing in my pocket and there were crazy people everywhere and all I could think to myself was, 'I'm going to get my hand cut off if I steal this stupid ashtray.' He ended up stealing a couple of them.

I read security was a bit agro towards yous guys over there.
It was actually one of the best trips. I'd go back there in a second. But there was this skate spot that these locals took us to and said it was cool and security guards snuck up on Russ Milligan; didn't even give him a chance to react. They threw him in a headlock. Then one of the guards grabbed me but I wiggled out of his grip. Then they grabbed our filmer and he swung his board and hit one of the guys. I don't know how we got out of there. It could have been bad. They had guns.

What have you got lined up for the rest of this year?
Finishing this video part right now. We're doing a new video and it's going to be everyone that rides for Street Corner Distribution's board companies. So it's going to be a Think and City collaboration video. It'll be cool. It'll be a little different. It should be out by the summer.